Got any questions about how it all works? Check out our list of frequently asked questions below, and hopefully we’ve covered it there for you. If not, reach us via the contact us page.

How Many Times Will I Train Per Week? We offer the option to train either once or twice per week. If you’d like to add an additional training day per week then just let one of our team know at coaches@choosefootball.com.au and we will take care of it for you.

How Long Does the Program Last? The Development Squad program runs from mid-January until mid-December each year, which is 48 weeks. A 3 month minimum sign up is required.

What Happens During School Holidays? During school holidays, sessions will run as per usual. We also offer a range of Holiday courses which all players are invited to attend.

When Will I Be Charged? The card you used during your initial registration payment will be charged once per month. The day of the month will match the date you registered on. E.g. Registered and paid on March 10th, your next billing date would be April 10th.

Is There a Sibling Discount? We offer a $20/month discount for additional siblings registered. This discount will be applied to the monthly billing to the second player registered.

What happens if I can’t make a session? If you miss a session for any reason you can come to a catch-up session on another day. For extended periods you can suspend your membership up to two times per year with 14 days’ notice.

How Do I Withdraw from the Program? If you can no longer train with the Choose Football team then we simply require 2 weeks’ notice to cancel your billing. To confirm cancellation an email must be sent to accounts@choosefootball.com.au where a team member will respond to confirm cancellation.

Do I need to Re-Enrol to the program every term? No, we provide a no-hassle, one-time registration. Month to month and year to year you will be part of the Choose Football Development Squad until you decide otherwise.

Should Players Bring Anything Else? Water, Shin Pads, Boots,

Who Are the Coaches and Are They Qualified? See Our Coaches page.

Can I Stay and Watch the Session or Can I Drop My Child and Go? You can do either! Your child will be well looked after during the session time and won’t require you to be there if you have somewhere else to be.

What Are the Age Groups? U6-U7, U8-U9, U10-U12

Is There Any Set Behaviour Expectations for Choose Football Players? Our expectations for players are outlined by the belief that players at Choose can practice good habits and be the leaders amongst their peers to raise the standards of those around them.

To promote that we coach and encourage the practice of leadership qualities using the acronym RAISED IT.

These include:


We expect all players to show evidence that they are striving to not only know about these qualities but also show these qualities when with us and without us.

Do the Coaches Provide Any Feedback to Parents & Players? Offering positive and constructive feedback is a staple of our program. This is done on the pitch through our coaching also through our mentorship and goal setting program. Our coaches are also always available to parents who would like feedback on their child’s development and prospects.

If My Child Appears to Be High Level Will Coaches Provide Feedback Regarding Suitability for Local NPL Levels? Our coaches will always be honest with parents and players. On the pitch, we aim to help players reach their potential and if they are performing at a high level consistently, we will encourage them to attend trials at an NPL side. We also have a broad network of coaches and clubs which we work with to offer player pathways for all our player.

How Often Should My Child Be Training Outside of the Training Sessions? Training does not always have to be structured. If your child is training with us twice a week, once with their club and playing a game at the weekend, this is probably enough “training”. On the other days, it will do them no harm to have a kick about in the back garden or spend 20 minutes practicing juggling/ passing etc. Just let them have fun and explore their passion.

How Do I Access the Nutrition Platform? Upon registration and payment, you will receive an email within 24 hours providing you the quick steps necessary to set up your individual username and password. Once you are logged in take some time to explore the platform and get used to it. Every week you will receive some fun guidelines

Should I Be There Early to Warm Up? Arriving around 10 minutes before the session is advised.

What Happens if it Rains?

Ultra Football – Goes Ahead
Lakemba – Goes Ahead (except when lightning)
Harbord – Goes Ahead (except when lightning)
Heffron – Goes Ahead (except when lightning)

What Is the Procedure If Sessions Get Cancelled? A notice will go on our Facebook page before 2pm and an email blast will also be sent out to parents informing you about the cancellation. Players will be allowed to join another session to replace the one that was missed.

What is the Procedure if My Child is Ill and Can’t Train? Please let us know via email or text as soon as possible. Players will be allowed to join another session to replace the one that was missed.

Does the Location Have Parking?

Ultra Football – Car Park available- get permit from the front desk of the store
Lakemba – Car Park
Harbord – Car Park
Heffron – Car Park

What Should Players Wear to Training? Trial Session or Waiting – Football kit and Water. First Session – Kit, Water

What Times Do Sessions Start and Finish? This is dependent upon the location you have chosen. All sessions last for one hour.