Terms and Conditions

Choose Football Coaching Pty Ltd (“CHOOSE”) Terms & Conditions

Parents agree that by enrolling in our program they are allowing their children to participate at their own risk.

In agreeing to attend a CHOOSE program I:

  • Release and forever discharge CHOOSE from all claims that I may have or may have had arising from, or in connection with, my child and a CHOOSE program; and
  • Indemnify, will keep indemnified and hold harmless CHOOSE the extent permitted by law in respect of any claim as a result of or in connection with a CHOOSE program.

I warrant that my child has not at any time suffered blackout, seizure, convulsion, fainting, dizzy spells or any other medical condition and is not presently receiving treatment for any illness, disorder or injury which would render it unsafe for my child to take part in a CHOOSE program. I have read and I consent for my child to participate in a CHOOSE program and understand the risk involved and further agree to be bound by CHOOSE Code of Conduct and operating rules.

I acknowledge that CHOOSE uses its best endeavours to ensure that the equipment and sporting facilities used in the program are safe and fit for purpose and acknowledge that all sports are inherently dangerous. I have voluntarily read and accept the inherent associated risks. ” CHOOSE ” means all directors personally and in their capacity as a director, partners of directors, agents, and any representatives of CHOOSE.

CHOOSE participation and insurance coverage include all programs and activities your child participates in during our courses and classes. This includes but is not limited to any organised sport, training, facilities and activities provided by CHOOSE


Timetable changes

All classes are subject to change. While CHOOSE uses its best efforts to operate classes as per the timetable published on this website, in some instance’s changes are required due to fluctuations in demand. No guarantee is made that classes will run per the timetable. Any changes required will be communicated to those affected prior to the date classes commence.


Cancellation policy

By enrolling in our classes, you are committing to a service contract for a minimum term of three (3) months. We do not offer refunds if there is an issue with the service that is outside of our control. i.e. – a change of mind. We offer a FREE TRIAL to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our program prior to enrolling.

Therefore, no refunds are available.


Make-up class policy

If your child is unable to attend a class, a make-up class may be available. We cannot guarantee there will be availability in all classes. A maximum of one (1) make-up classes per month are available. Make-up classes do not carry over to the next month and no credit is available for classes missed. Make-up classes can only be booked up to 7 days in advance. To book a make-up class, please email our customer service team on coaches@choosefootball.com.au


Uniform policy
has a mandatory uniform policy with all enrolments (excluding trial-class enrolments) required to wear a CHOOSE t-shirt, shorts & socks set to EVERY class. There are many benefits associated with wearing a uniform.


Fee payment

We only take registrations for an ongoing commitment and our fees are structured this way. Unfortunately, we cannot take casual bookings or pro-rata weeks you may be away. Please refer to our make-up class policy for missed classes. All fees must be paid before the commencement of each monthly term. If fees are not paid by this time your child may not attend any class.

The minimum term for our programs is three (3) months. Should you wish to cancel your registration then 14 days-notice must be provided prior to your monthly renewal.

A $20 monthly sibling discount applies to all enrolments after your first child. The discount will be applied on the registration of the lesser value.


From time to time your child may be photographed or videoed whilst undertaking CHOOSE class. Such media might be used for promotional purposes, including but not limited to reproduction on the CHOOSE social media platform. By enrolling in the CHOOSE program you agree to such use by CHOOSE. Parents are not to take videos or photographs that include other children in the class without the permission of that parent/guardian.


Food and drink
It is prohibited for food to be consumed during any CHOOSE class with the exception of holiday camps. Most of the facilities in which we operate our classes also restrict food from being consumed on the court or playing arena. Please be mindful of other children’s allergy’s when preparing food for your child.

Our classes are structured to include a drink break and we request that all children bring a drink bottle with them to each class.


Illness Policy

It is a face of life that school children get sick. They have increased exposure to other children and play closely with shared toys. In addition, children have lower resistance to germs than adults.

When your child is ill you need to decide whether they are too sick to bring to Sport.


When making your decision at the beginning of the day ask yourself these questions:

  • Will my child be well enough to comfortably and happily participate in the activities of the day?
  • Will my child pass the illness on to their playmates if I send them in today?

We do offer make up classes for missed classed so please consider keeping your child at home if any of these things have occurred:

  • They have taken a Panadol of Nurofen in the morning (these cover up symptoms but do not eliminate the infection)
  • Fever of 38 degrees or above
  • A consistent cough
  • A continuous runny nose
  • A sore throat
  • Swollen glands
  • Diarrhoea
  • Vomiting
  • Undiagnosed rashes

We appreciate your consideration of the above.


Adverse Weather Conditions & Cancellation Policy



Please come to your venue from 8.30am to receive your new kit. Please do not pack any foods containing nuts. Please ensure players have applied sunscreen and bring extra to re-apply throughout the day and bring a hat for any hot weather and/or high UV level conditions.
Please let us know of any medical conditions in advance by email and present any medication upon sign in each day.

In the event of adverse weather conditions please note that we will continue with the Camp days once they have begun at 9am each day and if we experience any heavy or dangerous weather periods during any Camp day we will take the appropriate actions to take cover and shelter accordingly at each venue. We have strategically chosen all-weather venues to host

our Holiday Camps to minimise cancellations due to adverse weather conditions and that said, we also hold the Friday and or Saturday as a spare day contingency and we will take any necessary decision to cancel any affected day before 8.30am each day. Friday & Saturdays are allotted as contingency make-up day options. If more days are required, we would issue credit or refund on a pro rata basis appropriately.

If Temperatures rise above 36 degrees, we will take additional Player Welfare precautions to keep Players hydrated and parents can collect their Players from the venue at any time. If temperatures rise above 38 degrees, we will call all parents to make immediate arrangements to collect their Players and close the Camp for the day.